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How We Raise Our Rats

True North Rattery breeds rats in Kitchener, Ontario. We promise to only breed and produce healthy rats based on strict standards. The lines include cinnamon, blue, marble, silvermane, rex, dumbo, and standard rats. Our facilities are always kept clean to ensure the best health for our rats. Our rats are always fed a proven balanced diet. And we provide an abundance of enrichment to keep everybody entertained.

About The Breeder


My name is Melissa!

I am a lifelong animal lover who makes my hobby my work.

As a child I was always surrounded by various species of animals, furry and scaly. It was really like living in a mini-zoo. And because of that I have never been without an animal in my life and my passion and knowledge has grown over the years.

When I started working I instantly jumped into the veterinary field! I worked as an Animal Care Attendant for many years at Bagnell Veterinary Hospital, then to Client Care Specialist and Social Media Manager for VCA Canada Credit Valley Animal Hospital and now, Receptionist for Mitchell Animal Hospital. Sadly, I realized early on that I have a huge phobia of needles so becoming a Technician or Vet is out of the question. But, that will not stop me! I love working in the veterinary field. I am surrounded by beautiful animals every day and the loving people (both owners and coworkers) who care for them.

Because of my immense knowledge of animal care I always treat my rats with flea/tick/worm prevention and have done blood work to make sure that they are free of diseases, especially the Seoul Virus.


Our rats are housed in our multi-level custom made cages. Fleece bedding is provided and frequently cleaned to prevent smell, add comfort, and for ease of cleaning. All cages have a litter pan with paper-based cat litter. Each cage is supplied with wheels, huts, hammocks, and wooden or paper chew toys that change weekly to encourage enrichment.


Fresh Mazuri and Oxbow rat blocks are given daily. They are also provided with Heinz baby food and fresh fruits and veggies daily. Any baby rats and expecting or nursing mothers are fed scrambled eggs and chicken. Water in bottles is changed twice daily. Small amounts of dark chocolate alongside other treats are given as extra enrichment and to help prevent respiratory infections.


Each day at least two hours of play time is provided for every rat. During this time we join them in a large boxed play pen, allow exploration across multiple tables and dig, climb, or race across a couch. Multiple dog enrichment treat hiding toys, many paper boxes and tubes, as well as blankets and towels are put out for play and hiding. A multi-level tower is also present, providing exercise and muscle workout. Fresh food and water is also present.


All cages are spot-checked daily to eliminate dust and feces. Twice a week each cage is deep cleaned using a vaccuum, a sponge with vinegar/water solution, antibacterial baby wipes, and rinsed and dried with paper towel and all bedding and accessories are changed and cleaned at the same time.


Our rats are treated at Britannia Animal Hospital. Any rat that needs veterinary care is fully treated as long as necessary. Adopters will be notified if their rat has been treated by a vet in the past.

Last Updated: October 9, 2018

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