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Lines refers to the specific markings or colourations that we currently focus on when breeding our rats.


(AFRMA calls it Spotted Tabby)

This line originated from the New England Reptile Distributors (NERD) in 2013. We received our line from Georgian Bay Rattery in 2015.

Every marble rat has a dark dorsal stripe and patches all along its body. The colour of the stripe and patches dictates the colour of the animal while the gene dilutes the rest of the fur to a lighter shade.

Due to a significant failure to thrive in litters of marble x marble parents, we do not ever breed two marble rats together.

Black Marble Berkshire,

bred and owned by True North Rattery


(AFRMA calls it D'Argent)

This line originated from pet shop/feeder stock in 2012. We received our line from Rat Emporium Toronto in 2016.

Every silvermane rat has white tips on the end of their fur with a darker undercoat and a dark muzzle and eye mask. Silvermane babies start out a solid colour and slowly become more and more white with age.

We keep all possible silvermane babies at our rattery until 8 weeks of age, when they will have shown whether they are silvermane or not.


The blues we focus on are russian blue, american blue/powder blue and blue agouti.

AFRMA breaks down the different shades of blue in rats as;

blue, blue agouti, blue-beige, platinum, powder blue, russian blue, russian blue agouti and sky blue.

Dumbo Black Silvermane Variegated

2 weeks old VS 3 months old

Bred and Owned by True North Rattery

Dumbo American Blue Marble

Bred by Georgian Bay Rattery

Owned by True North Rattery


Dumbo rats come in every type of colouration and marking. They have larger, rounder ears that are set low on either side of the head.

Dumbo Mink Merle

Bred by True North Rattery


Rex rats come in every type of colouration and marking. They have an evenly wavy or curly coat. They can also have curly whiskers. As they age, males tend to have a denser, more wavy coat.

Dumbo Rexs

Male VS Female


Variegated rats come in a variety of colours. They have patches of colour along their back and sides. The underside of these rats (belly, chest and throat) should be pure white.

Variegated Dumbo Blue Marble

Last Updated: October 9, 2018

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