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Magda Apacz

Mississauga, ON

This rattery is amazing. I truly recommend it to everyone who loves rat as much as they do! All rats there are beautiful and happy. I picked up Agnolotti and Ravioli and they are so adorable! I can't take my eyes off them :) Best rattery so far!

Allie Payton Duff

Mississauga, ON

Picked up Sylvanas (Fell) she’s so amazingly well tempered I swear she’d live on my shoulder 

Such a Sylly girl! 
And a little ninja

Clearly she’s been so loved in her time as a breeder before she retired!

Jen Keats

Brantford, ON

I went to pick up Ezra and Arkel (Remus and Sirius) yesterday from True North Rattery. I had never seen a Rattery but I knew instantly that this was the best of the best! Beautiful large hand made cages, all the rats I handled were friendly, looked healthy and happy! They were already the size at 8 weeks that many of the rats I've seen in pet stores are full grown! 

They answered all my questions and were super awesome, nice and helpful. I went home feeling confident I, as a new rat owner, would have full support and that I would succeed with my two boys. Speaking of the boys, they are so well tempered and beautiful! Couldn't be happier with my choice to get rat-babies from True North--they also make hammocks and cages and I went home with an adorable pikachu hammock and plan to pick up some more for sure! Also a good price on Mazuri or Oxbow rat food. Better than pet store pricing. Will definitely be buying future rats and supplies here and recommend anyone looking for rats, hammocks or awesome custom cages check them out!

Dale Climie

Toronto, ON

Recently adopted two boys and they are awesome. Highly rec'd!

Laurie Williams

Barrie, ON

I purchased 2 Siamese dumbo boys from True North Rattery and I am so in love with them. Their temperaments are amazing and I am so glad these boys came into my life! Thanks again Melissa.

Jaga Sky

Toronto, ON

Ordered 5 hammocks. Was going to wait to put them in but since I have the day off I cleaned the cage and added them. My girls seem to love them. Will defiantly buy from again and highly recommended if your looking for quality hammocks. Perfect fit for a critter nation size cage!

Mike Searles

Uxbridge, ON

I want to thank Melissa and True North Rattery for providing us with a great adoption experience. My family has adopted 3 beautiful and healthy rats (Oreo, Rolo and Rose) over a week ago and they are so happy and so much fun!!!
Melissa sent us personalised emails every week from their birth, until our 6 week delivery date with pictures and updates, which was a really nice touch.
Our rats are very sociable, gentle and sweet. They are so excited when it is play time and enjoy hanging out with us and much as we enjoy spending time with them. If you are think of getting pet rats, then I highly recommend True North Rattery, you will not be disappointed. Thanks again Melissa. Mike S.

Heather Thorpe

Mississauga, ON

We recently adopted two baby girls and they are amazing. They are not only adorable but they are super sweet and tame making it so easy to bond. As first time rat owners we had a million questions, Melissa is so knowledgeable and always happy to answer any questions. Really great experience and would highly recommend True North Rattery.

Sydney Dallas (Rat Emporium Toronto)

Toronto, ON

I have worked with True North Rattery and they are absolutely amazing. Friendly and knowledgeable, your babies adopted will be well cared for and you will be an adopter with the utmost support and information at your fingertips. Their pairings are carefully made to produce the best litters possible, and they care for their babies like no other. With great service and fantastic rats, True North Rattery is an amazing place to adopt your rats.

Update: cages and hammocks from TNR are amazing quality. Her ratties are also amazing, so excitable and sweet. I have taken 3 ratties in from TNR in the past few months, and they have all been absolutely amazing with stellar personalities.

Chelsea Pio

Burlington, ON

I just adopted two male rats from True North Rattery and they are such amazing little guys. I highly recommend adopting from here as you will get rats that are not only beautiful but also so loving. Overall I had such a great experience with True North Rattery A++++++

Kelly Anderson Seward

London, ON

We recently adopted two female rats from Melissa at True North Rattery. We called them Olive and Pippen. Our experience was outstanding and the rats were incredibly friendly and well adjusted. Melissa was so helpful and answered every question we had. You can really tell she loves what she does and cares about her rats. We would highly recommend adopting from this breeder!

Last Updated: October 9, 2018

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